March 24, 2023

The importance of proper alignment of the feet.

Our bodies need the feet and well balanced and healthy ankles.
Instability or incorrect positions of the feet and ankles involve compensation knee, hip and spine, negatively affecting the rest of the kinetic chair.



Why footbalance insoles?

The insoles Footbalance provide support to the foot promoting good proper alignment to help fix incorrect positioning of the lower leg, thus providing a solid foundation to support the entire weight of the body.

Our full range of products, It provides a custom sock suitable for any type of foot, activity and sport.


Innovative molding method.

Our molding process uses the windlass mechanism to request the natural arch of the individual and put your foot in a neutral position. The mechanism helps the body to a more efficient mobilization of the joint and muscle optimization, helping to prevent and reduce possible injuries caused by incorrect positioning.

Key Benefits:

  • The insoles Footbalance are heat-molded in less than 10 minutes.
  • The molding on the foot in neutral produces great way for full range of motion.
  • Our standard molding method simulates the activities of the real world.