December 3, 2023

Hydrotherapy with physiotherapist in the water



Hydrotherapy is renowned as an alternative treatment for patients with physical disabilities as well as a preventive therapy. The combination of aquatic exercises with physical therapy is indicated for many disorders and is done only by physiotherapists. This method uses standard movements in anatomical and diagonals dimensions, with strength and stabilization provided by the therapist. This is recommended for patients with neurological disorders, but also orthopaedic trauma, rheumatologic and sports disorders.

With a set of Hydrokinetic therapy techniques developed to be applied in hot water this method aims to promote rehabilitation, strengthening, stretching , muscle relaxation and inhibition of tonus. The physical properties of water as flotation, turbulence, hydrostatic pressure, surface tension and thermal capacity are used to facilitate the kinetic‐functional recovery through a muscle relaxation program, stabilization and progressive resistance exercises.
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