February 21, 2024



Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis, or treatment of a disease using hypnotic techniques. It is a psychotherapy that eases suggestion, re-education or analysis through hypnosis. It is a medical professional who performs hypnosis.

Clinical hypnosis, also known as Hypnotherapy, is the use of therapeutic hypnosis or in other words the treatment of diseases under a hypnotic state.

Hypnotic state or hypnotic trance is a modified state of conscience, in which the hypnotised person is physically relax and comfortable, yet not asleep, and profoundly concentrated with amplified memory accurately focused in their unconscious.

Clinical Hypnosis uses the advantages of working with the trance brain to help people to overcome their problems or achieve their goals. The Hypnosis therapist applies to this purpose a set of techniques and positive suggestions tailored to each specific case.

Clinical Hypnosis is applied on:

  • Organic and functional disorders treatment
  • Psychological disorders treatment
  • Habits and addictions treatment
  • Eating disorder treatment
  • Sleep disorder treatment
  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • Sedation during acute chronic pain episodes
  • Anaesthesia in surgical procedures
  • Aid in learning
  • Improvement on personal performance and sports
  • Childbirth without pain

Nutrition appointment

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