March 23, 2023

Pain in the spine affecting 60 a 80% of the population, implying spending to high labor abstention.
According to studies conducted in the area, the back pain tend to start in adolescence and go-getting worse until adulthood, I facto this being related, inter alia, with backpack transport over 10% of body weight estudante.A team REABILITESSE- Physiotherapy and Health space, located in the jasmine No. 6 R/C Funchal, is developing a project in partnership with the Regional Department of Education, based on a study by physiotherapists in the RAM 2,5% students of schools of the 2nd and 3rd cycle of Funchal Council, on what 28,11% They wore a backpack over 10% of your project corporal.Este weight is to objectico "Preventing the vertebral pains and postural changes related to the use of a backpack over 10% body weight " inicou January 2007 in 52 Funchal Council schools and cover about 14.644 1 students,2Nd and 3 of primary school.


Heavy backpack Cause Back Pain - ReabilitesseHeavy backpack Cause Back Pain - Reabilitesse


exposure to theoretical community to the school community and presented strategies that use was made mininizar the use of a backpack over 10% of body weight per student, was handed a leaflet. In 2008|2009 the project continued and were covered all schools in all municipalities of the Autonomous Region of Madeira including Porto Santo.
In this academic year the training was given only in the 1st cycle and accompanied by a video were covered 4850 students, 380 teachers, 77 Additional educational and 523 guardians.