March 23, 2023

It is very hard, professionalism and pride that all Reabilitesse team has supported the surf mode Clube Naval do Funchal.

To avoid injury, it is important that the surfer perform a physical evaluation for detection of weaknesses in one or more of the intrinsic characteristics (resistance, speed, force, agility, flexibilidade and its cetividade) is, if they exist, It is vitally important to perform specialized work to strengthen and resolution of these weaknesses.

Lourenço Faria e Francisco Ornelas

The Lawrence Faria makes RPG in Reabilitesse, with Dr. Marisol Canada. Francisco Ornelas makes RPG in Reabilitesse, with Dr. Catherine Castro. Both managed their goals in the 2nd stage of the Moche Regional Circuit held in Faja da Areia in St. Vincent.