March 23, 2023

The Company


Espaço Reabilitesse

Open in 2003 the Reabilitesse Space has since centered its efforts and goals in a constant and progressive development stablishing and providing a diverse but complementary quality health care service based on practice standards recommended by the national and international professional associations, guaranteed by the excellence of a multidisciplinary team. The exercise of our clinical activity targets mainly the Physiotherapy area supplemented by medical appointments on Ortho‐traumatology, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Psychology, Nutrition and Acupuncture.

Since it opened, the Reabilitesse Space has been developing and their position in the health care service in Madeira at Rua do Jasmineiro n. 6 in Funchal.

Aware of this responsibility the Reabilitesse is proud of the work developed and provided by all its employees. The growth in the regional market depends on the quality, effectiveness and efficiency offered by our Team to all customers.

To achieve this it is crucial to count on our excellent Team willing and capable to accept the challenges that a career in health care demands.

Because we are and have the right team, we propose to offer our services to your institution, both in the area of workers compensation and claims as in the health insurance and of course to all users of the Regional Health Service, ADSE, Sams, basically to all who want to be well taken care and recovered.

Good results will not take long to show.

With the globalization, the conquest of new markets is now a reality for which we propose to develop our activity in a progressive, safe and ambition way.

Essentially we apply all the recommended practical standards therapeutics such as:

  • Partnership with the patient;
  • Data collection and intervention cycle;
  • Promoting a safe user / physiotherapist environment;
  • Ongoing Professional Development based on evident scientific practice and internationalguidelines.

Space for your health!